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Mandi Knapp: Owner/Realtor

Cell Phone: 208-582-0267

Email: northidahomandi@gmail.com

We offer exceptional real estate services in St. Maries & North Idaho! 


Charles (Eddie) Epler: Broker/Realtor

Cell Phone (208)-582-0986

Email:  eepler@hotmail.com

Vacant land specialist. Let me help you find that perfect piece of property.



Suzy Epler: Realtor

Cell Phone: (208) 582-0984

Email: suzyrhe@hotmail.com

I would love to show you real estate in and around St. Maries, ID!



Alexis Cobb:Realtor

Cell Phone:  (208) 512-1147

Email:  alexiscobbrealestate@gmail.com



Theresa Plank:Realtor

Cell Phone: (208) 582-3610

Email: sellingstmaries@gmail.com



Ken DeVries: Realtor

Cell Phone: (208) 582-1973

Email: kendevriesrealty@gmail.com



Laci St. John:Realtor

Cell Phone:  (208) 691-0781

Email: stjohnlaci@gmail.com

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